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Wildlife Gardens, Ponds and Water Features

Technology and modern farming have taken their toll on our natural environment. However, if we all ‘do our bit’ to support and encourage wildlife in our own gardens, together, we can potentially slow or even reverse the decline in species loss. Gardens account for a significant area of habitat and can act as wildlife corridors when taken as a whole. If we all pull together in support of wildlife, whether it be planting insect-friendly flowers, building a stone and log pile or constructing a pond, our gardens can help to restore some of the valuable habitat lost to the acres of monoculture and tarmac.


With my background in ecology and environmental management, I am well-qualified to help you plan and manage your garden for the benefit of the local wildlife. You may want to reduce maintenance by allowing large expanses of lawn to develop into wildflower meadows, interwoven with mown pathways. Instead of the weekly tedium of mowing, a quick zip round the paths frees up valuable time to relax and enjoy your garden.


Alternatively, you may wish to create a wildlife pond, amphibian hibernacula or refuge for hibernating hedgehogs. A great project to do with your children or grandchildren is to build an insect hotel out of pallets, straw, hay and an assortment of unwanted tubes, pots, bricks and bamboo canes.   

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